My Book


A Found Treasure


By Riley Bogle









Chapter 1

What is this



“ Do you want to go to the park”, Riley said.“That sounds like a great idea,”Joe said.“Let’s go,”Riley said. “I cant wait until I get to the park,”Joe said.“I know,what are  we going to do,”Riley said.




“ WE ARE HERE,”Joe said. “Come on lets go to the play structure”.


“ I will meet you there.I have to get our drinks and our snacks”.




“ Hurry your missing all the fun.We don’t have all day”.



“ I’m trying.It will be easer if you help me and if you didn’t pack so many snacks”.



( acting like a dumb dumb Joe trips over a weird object on the ground.)







“ Are you ok?What happened?Where does it hurt”?


“ More importantly what is that on the ground”.



“ That is what I tripped over, What is it anyway.”



“ I don’t know what that is.”








Chapter 2

The Map



Is your leg ok,”Riley asked? “ My leg fells a lot better and it looks better to,”Joe Replied.“ I still don’t know what it is but,I wonder what is inside it because I hear something inside of it,”Mom said.


“ Brake it open and see what is inside.”



“  It is a map.”


“ Are you serious”


“ yes,I am serious”


“ lets go find the treasure and then we will be rich,”Joe said. “That sounds like a great idea,”mom Replied. “LETS GO,”Riley said.


“ Come on lets go find the treasure and then we can come back and buy anything we wan’t,” Mom Replied. “ Where do we got to get the treasure,”
Riley said.


“ It said that it is in the Great Smokey Mountains in a cave.”


“ We are not far away from the Great Smokey Mountains.”

“ Come on lets go to the Great Smokey Mountains and find the treasure!”

Chapter 3

What’s this

(Only Riley and Mom are Singing on the way to the treasure)


“Were going to a treasure,were going to a treasure,were going to a treasure!”


How much longer till we get there.Joe said.Were almost there,we only have like 10 minutes.That’s still a long to get to Great Smokey Mountains.Joe replied.I wan’t to see the treasure…I WAN’T TO SEE THE TREASURE.Joe SCREAMED!!!


I am going as fast as I can…wait look,you can see the Great Smokey Mountains.Mom Said. Park right there with everyone so,no one  with be suspicious.Joe replied.Come on lets go find the treasure.Moe said.Let me get the map and see what we are going next to find the treasure.Mom replied.It said that “follow the dirt road and you shall see the tunnel you will need”.Mom Said.Look there is only 1 way to go,the dirt path.Joe said.Come on it has to be close.Moe said.Let’s go find this treasure.Joe said. (Walking down the dirt path they run into a little problem)Look it separates into 2 ways.Mom said.Read the map again you must of mist something.Moe replied.No I did not miss anything.Mom replied.Than witch way do we go to get to the Treasure.Moe said.We have to go one way but,witch way to we go.Joe said.Lets go Right. Joe said.I hope your correct.Mom said.Look I can see an opening…come on.Joe said.Look I can see a cave and …(Moe cuts off Joe) That must be the cave that the script was talking about.Mom said. Lets go to the cave and see the Treasure!!!




Chapter 4

The treasure


WOW,this is a really big cave,it will take us forever to get the treasure because this cave is so big.Moe said. What does the map say to go next.It says that “It may look hopeless or bleak follow your ears to the stream and if you get across it the treasure is yours.” All we have to do is get across a stream (Laughing and Laughing) Joe replied.SHHHHHHH, listen if you can here the stream from out here.Moe said. “woooosshhh wwwooosshhh”   Listen you can kinda hear the the stream.Come on,it has to be close.Joe said.(streams getting louder so now they have to scream)IT’S GETTING SO LOUD SO WE MUST BE GETTING CLOSE TO THE STREAM!Joe said. LOOK YOU CAN SEE THE STREAM,COME ON!Joe said. LOOK THE TREASUIRE!Moe said.




















“That was scary”

Let’s go home.Mom said.





Chapter 5


Look we are a millionair!!! I cant wait till we get home so,we can show  Dad.Joe said.


“Were are about home… YAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a realy great day and it was super scary.Moe said.


Today was realy fun and I hope we can have adventures every week!!



That will be to much for me so how about we do one every month!!!!!




The End


Week 34 was great.This week I helped with the first and second graders with there field day.I also had field day but,it was inside because it was raining.We had a field trip to the Tuckaleechee caverns. THIS WEEK WAS MY LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL AND THE LAST POST ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!!:( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(. IT WAS REALY FUN BEING A RAM AND BINGING IN MRHANEY CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Top 10 moments


1: Haunted  House

2: Buddy Bands

3: Wonder Works

4: Caverns

5: safety  posts

6: Capture the Flag

7: Karm

8: Ultimate Frisbee


10:Making Movies


Week 33


Week 33 was AWSOME because we as rehearsing for our play on May 13 and it’s gonna e AWSOME.We read Westing Game this week and it got  so,suspenseful and now we are only 12 pages away of finishing the book.THIS WEEK WE WENT TO A FEILD TRIP TO KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries). The field trip was AWSOME because we got to see the whole place even the kitchen. P.S. There food smells better than the Schools food.WEEK 33 WAS GREAT AND I HOPE WE HAVE A NOTHER WEEK LIKE THIS ONE!!!

Week 32


Week 32 was great and I felt like I did really good in the TCAPS.This week I played most of the time and the test was super easy and we had at least an hour to an hour 30 min.of recess each day and that was awesome.This week the order of the TCAPS was Reading,Math,Science and social studies.This week I went to the garden ad we put in poles for every thing to grow.This week was really fun and this week was on of the best weeks i’ve had.

Week 31


Week 31 was great!We did a lot of things this week.This week all we did was TCAP prep and it was so boring and long but,it was really easy because we have been doing it for 6 weeks.This week was the last week that we do the Ticket To Read competition and it was the first one to 5 and it is 4 to 4.This week we went back to our garden and we put seeds and hay in the garden.Before we did that we found the snake again and it dead so,we buried it by the garden.In th garden we planted Peas,carrots,peppers,beans and cucumbers.This week was really fun and I hope that I have a week like this again.

Week 30


Week 30 was AWSOME because we did a lot of things for example;we did TCAP review, played Guard The Cassel and it is a fun game.My friend Bo bung  6 bags of candy so, we got 12 medals and we was in 3 place and now we are 1 place.THIS WEEK IT SNOWED AND IT IS APRIL!!!!!!!!This week my team (the Golden Haneys) got a extra 30 min. of recess.That was my week 30.

Week 29


Week 29 was great and really fun to.For Example, this week we had track and we did great because we got 11 first places and a lot of  2nd,3rd and 4th places.We helped our school by making banners and flags to help our school spirit.This week we had soul singers and they did  great.We made a power point to our epals in France.This week we had Friday Fun Lunch. THis week was Rachil’s birthday.This week we found out who made the Alete in the finals   in the Track. That was my week 29 blog and I can’t wait for the next week.

Week 28


This week I did a lot of things.You won’t believe what I seen a snake and it was in the garden at the school and on the same day as I helped plant a Blueberry bush.This week we did a lot of TCAP prep and it was so boring.I read the Westing Game.This week I made it into Friday Fun Lunch. We did a report on Scientific Tools and I did a Petri dish,Telescope and a Bunsen Burner.We did a CANDY BINGO and it was so cool.This week I made a poem and it was good and I got mostly greens. That was week 28 blog. BYE